Ain’t No Minding Your Own Business with Blab!

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The creation of fun, new, exciting social media approaches never seems to stop.  Recently added to the video streaming mileau, is Blab, a multi person video chat platform that allows 4 people to converse and chat publicly at the same time.  How much fun could this be?

Aside from the fact that you can chat it up with at least 4 people, why else would you choose Blab, over Periscope or Google Hangout or Meerkat?

In a nutshell, Blab combines the likes of all other video streaming options into one easy to use platform.

Anyone can watch a Blab live stream.  Though only 4 individuals can be part of the video blab – others can participate by leaving comments that the host can curate into the live-stream. Of course, as individuals hop off the live stream, new ones can fill their spot.

Blab is an opportunity for you to show future clients or customers who you are, in a professional, or casual way. This can provide you with credibility. You can deal directly with people interested in your business by scheduling blabs about various aspects of your business.

The creative possibilities with Blab are extensive.

How much fun can you have inviting people to join you in a casual chat, or more formal Q and A or even an interview of a happy customer?

I wonder what other opportunities are available to not only promote your business but have fun with Blab?



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