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Many online business newbies, have no idea what SEO is or what it means, let alone how SEO improves website traffic. SEO – short for Search Engine Optimization, consists of strategies, techniques and tactics that are used to improve website traffic.

Don’t think you can just design a pretty website. Without SEO there will be little if any website traffic. Yes, social media marketing can drum up awareness about your business and create some website traffic. However, this requires consistent effort on your part because you have to offer new content continuously on your social media channels.

SEO improves website traffic when people search online for what it is your business is offering and more importantly, how it is your business can solve a customer need. SEO improves website traffic because if done correctly, it can list your business on the first pages of google. It’s a known fact that most people never bother to look further than the first couple of pages listed when they are searching for a particular product, service or business. If your business isn’t one of these, too bad for you.

SEO Improves Website Traffic

Five Basic Suggestions For SEO to Improve Website Traffic

1. Choose the right words on your web pages to clearly describe what it is you are offering. This enables search engines to read your site info easily. Ask yourself the question, “what words would my customers type into the search bar to discover how my business can contribute to them?“ These become your keywords. This is what the search engines read all across the internet when someone does a particular search online. These words can optimize your website in search engines. This is one way that SEO improves website traffic.

2. Ensure that your content is user friendly and organized in an easy to follow manner. Do the titles on the pages actually match the information you are offering on those pages? Keep things simple and clear. You are not writing to impress people with your intellectual capacities: you are showing people how you and your business can make their life easier.

3. Does your website load quickly and smoothly? The longer it takes for your site to load, the less credible your site appears with search engines, the less chance you have of captivating new website traffic with your business offerings.

4. Become an authority on what you are offering. Once you establish expertise or credibility, search engines will pick up on this and your listing rank could increase.

5. Lastly, ensure that the words you are using on your website are similar to the words you use on your social media channels.

Creating an irresistible online presence goes beyond a visually appealing website and daily appearance on social media channels. To create a successful business, knowing how SEO improves website traffic is going to set you above the rest.

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